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Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions is a Production Studio Company That Provides Music Composition Services as well as Hiring out Remote , Studio Session  Musicians mainly Myself for Bass Playing & Synthesizer Studio Session Gigs as well as Managing and Concert Band Bookings For R&B Fusion Collective .To Contact e-mail marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca or Phone or text 2894409693 
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This is the Brand New Album titled Once In A Blue Moon .
The Tracks are featured on this website soon .
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Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions is not only  just Podcast but its also a business .I compose Custom songs for Corperate Businesses,Weddings,Birthdays,Valentines Day,Film,Video,Short Film,TV Documentaries.

E-mail me by going to marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca
Or Phone 2894409693
Or leave a message on my website @ www.seriousnubian.com 

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