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Hi, and how is everything, how’s everybody doing this holiday season? People that know me will tell you that all I ever talk about is Music. I’m just very passionate about it. If I’m in any kind of social setting and I hear Music I’ll always have something to say be it in the complementary sense or as a critique. Everyone in my circle is a Musician. I hardly know any regular people. It’s the only thing that I have a passion for and am really good at it. To be honest I can’t function in the real world without Music. My father called it a Musical Bent.Well, I’ve had that Musical Bent or Bug for a long time. But here’s the thing, I was at a social function a few days ago just before the holiday’s beer, food, and music that sought of thing. Everything seemed ok for a while till one of the hosts played Maria Carey’s ” All I Want For Christmas on the playlist. I usually can’t stand all that cheesy Christmas music it tends to grate on me a bit so I changed the song on the Playlist to Earth Wind & Fire just to make things more palatable.I wasn’t too keen on the host’s taste in Music either.They were into Justin Bieber & Hip Hop for christ’s sake one of the hosts never even heard of the band Toto she thought I was referring to Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5. Well, I decided to change things up a bit after playing listening to Earth Wind & Fire on the playlist and playing Romantic Warrior by Return To Forever. Of course, this lot didn’t get it one of them kept asking why there weren’t any lyrics and referred to it as elevator music the bloody moron. But after listening to this album, I’m just reminded of its genius of it. To me, Romantic Warrior defined that classic band lineup of Chic Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, & Lenny White. I soon left the function and the hosts to their Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears, and went home to my Studio to get creative.

This Blog Was Posted Dec/24/2022
Well here it is yet another brand new Podcast.Sorry its a bit late had some complications with the hosts putting it up so i had to change the hosts as you will notice plus i had to do some arrangements to my website .You can't keep a good Musician down i say but its all sorted now.Lots of things happened this past week especially regarding the weather.The band R&B Fusion Collective were to have played @ a venue in Market Brewing Company last Friday on the 23rd of Dec. Unfortunately the gig got cancelled due to the crappy weather conditions.Just so happens on the day of the gig we get hit with a snow storm making it impossible and extremely dangerous to drive out in. But heres my beef during  the past week there was no indication of any storm coming the weather was quite pleasant ,we even had some sunshine on some days but of course on the day of the actual gig we get the snow storms and blizzards .It was pretty bad in some areas to .It was'nt that bad in the area we lived the roads looked quite drivable so we were kind of lucky in that aspect but other areas especially around Buffalo and the Niagara areas were bad. Some folks got killed even.The  good news pertaining  to the gig is that the date got rescheduled to another day .The owner was kind enough to do that for us . On another note its the end of  yet another year .Goodbye 2022 and good bloody riddance in my book .Anybody notice how many people died this year especially Musicians. What the bloody hell is going on i keep asking myself. Well i'm not going to say the obvious and say  happy new year and all the rest of all that cliche ridden nonsense ,but i can guarantee you this and that is we're all going to get older thats a definite.
This Blog Was Posted Dec/31/2022
Well its the first week of the new year holiday season is over and I sure did my fair share of eating, boozing, and slouching in front of the TV boy I feel like I'm getting older already but the good thing is, that I'm putting the finishing mixes to the brand new tracks that I've been working on these past couple of months. I'm pretty excited because I'm always composing new material. I still have some stuff that I recorded on Cassette (remember those) back in the 80"s that I haven't developed as of yet. I have a whole lot of material in the vaults that I haven't released or developed. You, folks, are going to like this new album when it's finished. It's a mixture of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Blues elements my usual brand. I like to incorporate all those genres in my Music It should be all said and done by Feb so look out for further updates. In the meantime take a listen to my latest Podcast held down with more Cutting Edge Grooves of Original Music. Everybody Stay Funky !!

                                                                   This Blog Was  Posted  Jan/10/2023
Well hello, and I'm back again with a brand new Podcast Episode of yet more Cutting Edge and Original Music bought to you by yours Truly. But the latest news is that I got too excited and couldn't keep it in my pants any longer. I know I mentioned before that I was going to bring out a brand new album in Feb, well it got to be too much so I caved in and bought it out yes folks a brand new Album containing 11 newly Composed tracks. The Album is called Train Of Thought and I just put it up on the website. So you can purchase this new album for a very humble price. Well, that's the good news on a more somber note I read that the Guitarist Jeff Beck died. Can't get over all this death right now especially amongst great Musicians its always a shock hearing about Musicians that one grew up listening to pass on. I'm still in shock over George Duke & Chick Corea dying. I ask myself how come all the great people, especially Musicians that bought a lot of joy to so many people's lives thru their Music have to die, and yet all the assholes are still here on the planet breathing air? E.G (Trump) Still getting my head around that. But their  Music is still here and Music is forever the most universal language. That does sound kind of corny so why don't I just stop ranting        

                                                             This Blog Was Posted  Jan /22/2023

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