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Hi, and how is everything, how’s everybody doing this holiday season? People that know me will tell you that all I ever talk about is Music. I’m just very passionate about it. If I’m in any kind of social setting and I hear Music I’ll always have something to say be it in the complementary sense or as a critique. Everyone in my circle is a Musician. I hardly know any regular people. It’s the only thing that I have a passion for and am really good at it. To be honest I can’t function in the real world without Music. My father called it a Musical Bent.Well, I’ve had that Musical Bent or Bug for a long time. But here’s the thing, I was at a social function a few days ago just before the holiday’s beer, food, and music that sought of thing. Everything seemed ok for a while till one of the hosts played Maria Carey’s ” All I Want For Christmas on the playlist. I usually can’t stand all that cheesy Christmas music it tends to grate on me a bit so I changed the song on the Playlist to Earth Wind & Fire just to make things more palatable.I wasn’t too keen on the host’s taste in Music either.They were into Justin Bieber & Hip Hop for christ’s sake one of the hosts never even heard of the band Toto she thought I was referring to Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5. Well, I decided to change things up a bit after playing listening to Earth Wind & Fire on the playlist and playing Romantic Warrior by Return To Forever. Of course, this lot didn’t get it one of them kept asking why there weren’t any lyrics and referred to it as elevator music the bloody moron. But after listening to this album, I’m just reminded of its genius of it. To me, Romantic Warrior defined that classic band lineup of Chic Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, & Lenny White. I soon left the function and the hosts to their Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears, and went home to my Studio to get creative.

This Blog Was Posted Dec/24/2022
Well here it is yet another brand new Podcast.Sorry its a bit late had some complications with the hosts putting it up so i had to change the hosts as you will notice plus i had to do some arrangements to my website .You can't keep a good Musician down i say but its all sorted now.Lots of things happened this past week especially regarding the weather.The band R&B Fusion Collective were to have played @ a venue in Market Brewing Company last Friday on the 23rd of Dec. Unfortunately the gig got cancelled due to the crappy weather conditions.Just so happens on the day of the gig we get hit with a snow storm making it impossible and extremely dangerous to drive out in. But heres my beef during  the past week there was no indication of any storm coming the weather was quite pleasant ,we even had some sunshine on some days but of course on the day of the actual gig we get the snow storms and blizzards .It was pretty bad in some areas to .It was'nt that bad in the area we lived the roads looked quite drivable so we were kind of lucky in that aspect but other areas especially around Buffalo and the Niagara areas were bad. Some folks got killed even.The  good news pertaining  to the gig is that the date got rescheduled to another day .The owner was kind enough to do that for us . On another note its the end of  yet another year .Goodbye 2022 and good bloody riddance in my book .Anybody notice how many people died this year especially Musicians. What the bloody hell is going on i keep asking myself. Well i'm not going to say the obvious and say  happy new year and all the rest of all that cliche ridden nonsense ,but i can guarantee you this and that is we're all going to get older thats a definite.
This Blog Was Posted Dec/31/2022
Well its the first week of the new year holiday season is over and I sure did my fair share of eating, boozing, and slouching in front of the TV boy I feel like I'm getting older already but the good thing is, that I'm putting the finishing mixes to the brand new tracks that I've been working on these past couple of months. I'm pretty excited because I'm always composing new material. I still have some stuff that I recorded on Cassette (remember those) back in the 80"s that I haven't developed as of yet. I have a whole lot of material in the vaults that I haven't released or developed. You, folks, are going to like this new album when it's finished. It's a mixture of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Blues elements my usual brand. I like to incorporate all those genres in my Music It should be all said and done by Feb so look out for further updates. In the meantime take a listen to my latest Podcast held down with more Cutting Edge Grooves of Original Music. Everybody Stay Funky !!

                                                                   This Blog Was  Posted  Jan/10/2023
Well hello, and I'm back again with a brand new Podcast Episode of yet more Cutting Edge and Original Music bought to you by yours Truly. But the latest news is that I got too excited and couldn't keep it in my pants any longer. I know I mentioned before that I was going to bring out a brand new album in Feb, well it got to be too much so I caved in and bought it out yes folks a brand new Album containing 11 newly Composed tracks. The Album is called Train Of Thought and I just put it up on the website. So you can purchase this new album for a very humble price. Well, that's the good news on a more somber note I read that the Guitarist Jeff Beck died. Can't get over all this death right now especially amongst great Musicians its always a shock hearing about Musicians that one grew up listening to pass on. I'm still in shock over George Duke & Chick Corea dying. I ask myself how come all the great people, especially Musicians that bought a lot of joy to so many people's lives thru their Music have to die, and yet all the assholes are still here on the planet breathing air? E.G (Trump) Still getting my head around that. But their  Music is still here and Music is forever the most universal language. That does sound kind of corny so why don't I just stop ranting        

                                                             This Blog Was Posted  Jan /22/2023
Yes Hello and welcome back to my latest Podcast Episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions. A bit late getting my Podcast up again this week I was really busy taking care of business and sorting things out. The music business is a tough business to be in and one has to constantly be hustling for the next gig or assignment. Four of my Compositions got picked for Music licensing though which was pretty good. I already had one of my compositions considered for a show that was on Netflix a few years back they didn't use it though. Even now I'm working on brand new compositions for another Album and to keep building my repertoire of Compositions. But here is a pet peeve that I do have about the human condition. Why only last week I was in a conversation with some chap that runs a Music venue downtown.Just looking to get a booking with the band I currently run. Don't you just hate people that give you all this song & dance about wanting to check the band out before they book you at their establishment and say when they will show up and then don't even bother to show up after all that talk and then give some Bullshit excuse as to why they didn't show up? I knew the dude was a wanker from the get-go but I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt which he then went on to prove me right from the get-go. Another pet peeve I also have is two-faced people you know the ones smiling and shaking your hand in your face but sticking the knife in your back the moment your back is turned. But enough of my ranting for now.
                                                  This Blog Was Posted  Feb /5/2023

Well, how is everyone doing today, well I'm back again to bring you the newest lasted Podcast that I have put together. This week the Podcast features Two brand new tracks taken from the brand new album Train Of Thought. If you do happen to like these new tracks then let me know by dropping me a brief message on the website or by e-mail. I just recently put the album up on so I'll be promoting the hell it during these next upcoming weeks. While on the topic of Music, I watched a series about the record label A&M Records. I was really upset after watching it because there just aren't those types of record labels around anymore labels that cared about and were more focused on the artist/musician and their creativity. The mid-sixties to the 70's what a great time to be signed by that label peak periods of great music created by talented artists/musicians. You just don't see that anymore nowadays. But on another topic, I had a situation where some imbecile stole an item from my Studio this past week nothing grinds my teeth more than some thieving piece of lowlife crap it just shows the utmost lack of disrespect so if that individual is reading this message bring my shit back you scumbag piece of shit I sound like a gangster right about now. I already reported his dumbass to the management office so we'll see what transpires. Also, Valentine's day is coming up so everybody is getting sappy and sentimental and all that other stuff so I'd better think of something real quick for my significant other before that day hits.  So get stuck in and enjoy the Podcast.
                                                         This Blog Was Posted Feb /13/2023
Yes and here it is the Newest, Latest, Podcast called The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions bought to you by yours truly the ever-friendly Host. This week's Podcast features brand new Compositions from the Brand New Digital Album "Train Of Thought" which is out and available by going to and going to websites. This Album is selling for a very humble price. By the way, I have to mention the band R&B Fusion Collective played a Killer gig @ The Market Brewing Company in Newmarket Ontario last Friday evening. Have to give props to Lorne, Grace, Ryan, & new boy Colin for throwing it down that evening thanx a lot you guys are all Superstars oh, and let's not forget about myself also who's known to throw down and keep that pocket baby. Nothing beats playing on stage with great Musicians at some point I may feature them as guests on this Podcast but the worse part of the whole night is tearing down all the gear and packing it into the car. In my case 2 Basses, a Bass Amp, and a PA system, and then unpacking it once I'm home and taking it all up to my apartment @ 3 am.   I'm getting too old for that shyte boy was i aching the next day it took me a couple of days to recover to. So check out this latest Podcast.
                                                       This Blog Was Posted  Feb /21/2023
Hello and welcome to the latest Podcast Episode bought to you by your ever-friendly host. In this week's Podcast, I featured certain tracks taken from the Funky Lix Album that was recorded back in 1999 in Cardiff UK. Two of the tracks feature a Saxophonist named Robert Taylor. Now by today's standards, he was not a household name but he was one hell of a Musician who resided in Cardiff South Wales. He's featured on Tracks Borrowed Time & Cutting Ties. I remember just being blown away by his Musicianship at the time. After the chit-chat and the banter, he did a lot of by the way he recorded those tracks which he had to only hear one time and then record his solos in one take off the cuff no rehearsal no charts nothing just as I mentioned. He did all those solos in one take without any preparation whatsoever pure genius and I was very fortunate to have him grace me with his presence. I was informed of his passing back in 2006  it was very sad too because his mother had died prior, I heard that he was very angry about his mother's death only to die of cancer soon after sucks but I thought I'd give him a mention because I have met a lot of great Musicians on my Musical Journey so I guess you can say that this is sort of a tribute to those guys.
                                                    This Blog Was Posted Mar / 01 /2023
Hello and we're back again for another Podcast that comes with Cutting Edge Grooves & Original Music presented by your ever friendly Host.Currently hybernating indoors at the moment what with all these snow storms that we seem to be getting up here can't stand the winter so since we are now in the month of March hopefully that was the last batch of snow that we got last Friday afternoon.But even though i'm stuck inside for the time being i still managed to come up with the newest latest Podcast so Turn up the good vibes with Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.
                                               This Blog Was Posted  Mar / 12 / 2023
Hello and here we are again for another Podcast featuring Cutting Edge Grooves of Original Music our new motto is Turn Up The Good Vibes With Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions. I had a lot of folks asking for me to give them a mention or shout-out on this Podcast so I've had to break it down into two sections. I saved a whole bunch for next week's Podcast so if I didn't give you a mention this week I'll dive you a mention next week on the next Podcast. Don't forget to press the Subscribe button if you listen to this Podcast on,, & websites. Also, I have to express my condolences to an Actor I admired who recently passed Lance Reddick had an impressive body of work I especially liked him in the TV show Bosch. I was shocked at his passing because the dude looked in good shape. The report mentions that he died from natural causes whatever the hell that means. In The Meantime listen to the Podcast and post a comment about the Music or ask any questions you may have I'll be sure to address them.
                                                 This Blog Was Posted  Mar / 23 /2023
Again, here it is again the latest Podcast Episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions featuring the most Cutting Edge Grooves and Original Compositions. And we do have a Funk Filled Fest this time out, so feel free to listen to my podcast. I don't know if its because I'm getting older but I do find that if I'm listening to the radio at any given time I'm just listening to Music from mainly the  '70s,& 80's now I have listened to some of today's current Music but, to be honest, I can't stand any of it and I usually find myself scurrying back to listening to the older stuff. My big beef is that nobody plays actual Instruments anymore on the majority of these so-called tracks nowadays a lot of it is just edits, clips & samples pasted together oh, and not let's forget about Autotune they can't even sing nowadays but enough of my ranting feel free to post comments & questions about the Music, Podcast

                                                        This Blog Was Posted  Apr / 2 / 2023
Hello and welcome back to the latest Podcast Episode of The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions. More Cutting Edge Grooves and more Original Funky Music are bought for you by your ever-friendly host. Well, how about that weather finally some sunshine. I was out and about enjoying it today. But I have to say that the sunshine weather brings out the fine young ladies in their sunshine attire one can't help but look. This morning I had to drive to St Catherine's to give a blood sample after my usual health check-up. I almost made a mistake but I managed to hold back. As I had my arm out for the nurse to draw blood from it her chest was right above my hand to mind you my hand was clenched like a fist but me being the playful character I can be I almost grabbed her boobs mind you it was on my mind but I managed to restrain myself. But as I mentioned I did have the thought of grabbing them it might have turned ugly even a law suite even but you never know she might have enjoyed it but it's just as well that I didn't. But changing the subject from women's cleavage to music the other day I was watching a DVD from my collection of a British Music show called The Old Grey Whistle Test this show first broadcast originally in the early 1970's I couldn't watch it when it first aired because it was originally broadcast on BBC 2 and I couldn't watch it because 1. it was on too late for me on a school night and 2. we didn't have BBC 2 at the time with the bloody TV license. We managed to get BBC 2 eventually later on this was around 1974 I remember getting my first exposure to Return To Forever Chic Corea and Co on this very show. But my point is after watching some of the bands featured on my DVD copy of The Old Grey Whistle Test I suddenly realized just how much I miss watching those types of bands on those types of shows on  TV. In the 70s on the BBC, there was The Old Grey Whistle Test, Rock Goes To College which was on every Sat evening, and Sight & Sound In Concert which was also featured on the BBC on a Sat evening. The BBC dropped the ball when they stopped broadcasting those shows because you just don't see those types of shows on the box anymore. I'm not sure if folks in the UK still need to buy a TV license but the BBC should get their finger out of their collective butts and bring these types of quality shows back. There are still Great Bands & Great Musicians out there that need to get the recognition they deserve.  

                                                     This Blog Was Posted  Apr / 15 /2023
Welcome to another exciting episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions! We're thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest in cutting-edge grooves and original sounds. Talented musicians and producers have been hard at work crafting the perfect mix of beats and melodies to get you moving and grooving. Whether you're looking for the latest in electronic, smooth jazz, soulful R&B, Funk, Fusion, or Instrumentals, it's all covered. So sit back, relax, and let the vibes take you on a journey. Don't forget to follow us on social media for updates on our latest releases and live performances!
This is an up-and-coming music production company owned by an old-school musician Marcus Davis. The company specializes in producing music, podcasting, and live performances.
An independent music producer/musician with over 20 years of experience playing in various bands and working in the music industry. My talent as a producer, writer, and musician has been utilized for many years for multiple recording & live events companies. I bring my skills to any project you have in mind."
                                                                        This Blog Was Posted May/6/2023
Hey and welcome back to another one of my Podcasts. It's been a strange couple of weeks a lot has happened but I shan't bore you with getting into any of the details let's just say that it involved a Bass Amp breaking down on me at an inconvenient time and pissing me off that all I'm going to say for now. The good news is that I finally managed to get my Dvd out. It's now on sale and it contains footage taken from a gig back in 2010. It features myself on Bass /Keyboards/& Drum Programming and you can purchase it by sending an e-mail to can check it out by going to the website @ scrolling down the page and you will see it. Other than that check out the Podcast for Cutting Edge Grooves and Original Sounds. Stay Funky.

                                                                  This Blog was Posted  May 28th/2023 
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