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Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions is not only  just Podcast but its also a business,I Compose Custom Songs for Corperate Business,Wedding Couples,Birthdays,Valentines Day,Film,TV,Video,Short Film,Documentaries,I write Custom Songs for Small Business,Colleges. The right Music for all your Projects.  e-mail  Phone 2894409693  Or leave a message on my website @

In the meantime check out the newest latest Podcast contribution from Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions 
By going to the links below.Don't forget stay Funky.
Hello being a Musician myself i know the amount of effort it takes to promote oneself in this business.So not only do i provide Composition & Production services in my company ,i also can create Musician Biographies & Musician Profiles for a decent price If you're looking for something decent & professional then give me a shout .Just drop me an e-mail and i'll be sure to reply back

Marcus Davis is a Multi-Instrumentalist Musician using the Studio Moniker  Serious Nubian  for Composing Recording ,& Producing all the Music.

All The Music Here is in Digital Down loading Format only  .Scroll to the Album Cover & click on the link  or the Paypal  link to purchase .

A Live Music Concert Video is also available  as a Download Stream Only Click on the link to Purchase.    

We will be also selling other Merchandise like Tee-Shirts, Sweat Shirts ,Hoodies, and other forms of Merchandise soon. 

Free Your Soul 
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Train  Of Thought

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 Once In A Blue Moon


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 Trying Times


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 Funky Lix


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Serious Nubian Live Music Footage Download $25

This  Live Music  Footage  is available via  Download  Only 

e-mail  to order  Download   

Buy  Digital Download  For $25

Also Go To

Bassist Available For Remote Recording Studio Session Dates. All genres whatever you want, Good Rates 
                                                        Call @ 2894409693 or e-mail 

I'm an Experienced Bass Player who is available to provide Bass Lines for Online Remote Studio Sessions. I record bass online for both amateur and semi-pro musicians to professional composers & producers. Send me a guide track and any instructions and I record a bass line and send it to you over the internet from my studio in Stoney Creek.
Listen to my Bass Playing by going to
I'm a Bass Player with over 30 + years .Have Playing and Recording experience in Funk,R&B,Hard Rock,Jazz,Country,Blues,and Latin genres. I also play 4,5, and 6 String Basses whatever the song needs.I enjoy what i do when it comes to the creating ,playing ,and the recording process of making music. My rates are reasonable. My gear at the moment is
Ableton live Software with Instrument Plug Ins
Focusrite Interface
Spector Legend Classic 5 String Bass
Yamaha TRB6 6 String Bass
ESP 6 String Bass
Musicman Sterling 5 String Bass
Korg TR Music Workstation
Korg Trinity Music Workstation
Yamaha MM6 Music Synthesizer
Yamaha MX49 Synthesizer
Shure 58 Vocal Mic
AKG Vocal Mic
MXR Bass Octave Deluxe Pedal 
MXR M81 Pre Amp Pedal
Electro Harmonix V256 Vocodor
Boss Super Octave OC-3 Bass Pedal
EBS Uni Chorus Pedal
Samson TXM 16 1000 Watt Stereo Mixer
Boss DR 880 Drum Machine
Roland SC 88 Sound Module
Alesis Q49 USB Midi Keyboard Controller
Korg X3 Music Workstation
Roland XP 10
Roland SC 88 Sound Module
I also Compose Custom Instrumental Music for Corporate Business,Birthday Gifts, Speakers, Weddings, TV Themes, Film, Documetaries, Associations, Churches, Short Film. Custom To Order. E-mail or Phone For A Free Consultation.

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