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 Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions is a Podcast that also offers advertising spots on the podcast. So if you're  looking to advertise your business brand,or you have a product you want to plug, or you're a Musician looking to promote you're next tour or gig then give me a call or e-mail as regards to what you want or if you already have a script  or pitch and i'll set it up on my Podcast .I'll have a Voice Performer do the Pitch for you.Also we hire out Session Musicians Bass & Drums (Ryhthm Section) or just as a Bass Player for Studio Recording Session Dates, All genres .I also hire out my services as a  composer for Soundtrack or Themes Tunes for Film, Tv, Documentaries, Short Film, Video, or Computor Games. Call 2894409693 or e-mail marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca To get a quote.

Bassist or Rhythm Section (Bass & Drums) Available For Recording Studio Session Dates. All genres whatever you want, Good Rates ,Own Transportation Call me @ 2894409693 or e-mail marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca or soulfunkyjazz@gmail.com

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My Music is also available @ Jango.com 

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