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R&B Fusion Collective Poster 2 2023.jpg
Hello, my Band is Called R&B Fusion Collective, a 5 Piece Band consisting of Bass/Guitar/Keyboard/Drums/Vocals/ but is also available as a 4 or 3 Piece. We can play with Vocals or as an Instrumental Unit. We play mainly Cover Tunes ranging from Toto, Chaka Khan & Rufus, Boz Scaggs, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Edgar Winter, Climax Blues Band, Grand Funk Railroad, Tina Turner, Robert Palmer, London Beat plus some Originals. We are a very tight unit with highly skilled Musicianship. Our band is available for all Residency type gigs Hotels, Casinos, restaurants, and Music Venues. Plus Recording Studio Dates to back up other Artists etc. We Do charge fair rates. 
Send us an e-mail if you want to book us @ or phone and leave a text @ 2894409693.
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Lorne Hind :

Skilled as a self-taught songwriter and music composer, Lorne Hinds instrumental music leaves listeners speechless. Hes kick-ass, hard edge and soulful. His solos are mind boggling and fans view him as a phenomenal guitarist. Lornes skills as a professional guitarist elevate him to the level of the masters and, he continues to evolve. He is extremely versatile and well disciplined. His foundation is solid playing instrumental, country music, hard rock and R&B. In his spare time, he likes to dabble with jazz music. 

The R&B Fusion Collective Is a  Brand New  Band Collective

That features Three versions of the Band one a 5 Piece that plays Cover Tunes ,The other versions are a 4 piece that plays Cover Tunes minus the Keyboards and a 3 piece that plays all Originals 

The nucleus of the 5 piece   consists of  Band Members:


R&B Fusion Collective 5 Piece

Marcus Davis /Bass Guitar

Regis Cardoso/Drums  /Colin Riddoch/Drums

Grace Tavares / Vocals,

Lorne Hind / Guitar

Matthew Bacik / Keyboards /Ryan Going /Keyboards

R&B  Fusion Collective 4 Piece 

Marcus Davis/Bass Guitar

Lorne Hind /Guitar

Regis Cardoso / Drums /Colin Riddoch /Drums

Grace Tavares / Vocals 

R&B Fusion Collective 3 Piece

The nucleus of the 3 piece consists of :

Marcus Davis/Bass Guitar & Keyboards

Plus: Lorne Hind /Guitar

Colin Riddoch / Drums  Regis Cardoso Drums

Playing Only Original Compositions

That are taken from Albums  by .Serious Nubian. 

R&B Fusion Collective :

Is also hired out as a Backing Band for Vocalists

Hello my Band R&B Fusion Collective is a 5 Piece Covers band that plays at Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Parties, etc. The band also hires itself out as a Backing Band for Vocalist who need a Backing Band for their gigs either as a Quartet Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, or as a Trio Format either Guitar, Bass, Drums, or Keyboards, Bass, Drums.
Check our website


E-mail for further details. e-mail 

Phone or Text 2894409693


Performing R&B Cover tunes mixed with versions of Jazz  and Funk 

influenced Original Compositions

Marcus Davis  :

Bass Player /Composer/Synthesist/Producer/Podcaster :   

Born  @ Hammersmith  Hospital  in London  ,UK .Has had vast experience performing with various bands  in the UK,Canada  & the States. Is a graduate from Trebas Institute Of The Recording Arts in Toronto & Cardiff College Of Music & Drama in the UK.Also Runs Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions where he creates various Recording Projects & Hosts a Podcast. Also  does Remote Recording Studio Sessions for other Clientel .

Visit the website @

Now resides  in Stoney Creek Ontario ,Canada . A highly skilled Bass Player  who can play in many Music genres such as Jazz/Funk/Pop/Rock/Latin/Reggae/Blues/Fusion


Grace Tavares :


Is a Naturally Talented Professional  Vocalist  whose influences range from Journey to Grand Funk Railroad ,& various R&B artists .She is of Portuguese heritage and resides in Oakville,Ontario.                                                       

keyboard Player.jpg
Matthew Bacik : Ryan Going :

Starting at the young age of three, Matthew Bacik (stage name Matterrs) discovered his passion for music. He began with classical piano training, studying composers such as Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Brahms. At 12, after years of intense practice, he successfully passed his Grade 10 (final level) RCM practical classical piano exam. At this point Matthew started pursuing other musical interests by exploring a multitude of diverse genres. He started by making covers of popular artists and after many renditions he progressed on to posting his own original songs. He wrote, composed, recorded, mixed and produced all his material with some assistance from his very supportive musical family.

Ryan Going :
Is a Keyboardist from Vauxhall Alberta & Currently Lives In Toronto
Matthew Bacik78649.jpg
R&B 13.jpg
Regis Cardoso Da Silva:
Originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil currently living in Toronto is a very highly skilled Drummer /Percussionist who can play in a variety of different Genres/styles .
Colin Riddoch :
Colin is a freelance musician from Toronto. Also a Humber College Graduate
He  plays  and teaches  a variety of music including: Jazz, Rock, Metal, Theatre Music, Country, Pop, and more. 
Colin drums 2.jpg

The R&B Fusion Collective Played a Fantastic show                 
                        @ The Black Swan  Tavern

R&B 3.jpg
R&B 12.jpg
R&B 13.jpg

The R&B Fusion Collective Played a Killer Set
       @ The Moonshine Cafe  in Oakville

The R&B Fusion Collective Played Killer Shows @ 44 Lanark Crescent & @ 9 Forfar Court during the Neighbours Day Event in Kitchener.Stay Tuned For More Concert Events.
original_65c46894-f9f7-41de-b67b-6b2b303f6260_PXL_20220618_202321658 (1).jpg
This was Regis's Drum Kit For The Kitchener Gig On The 18th Of June,The Most Basic Drum Set Up ,Yet he Sounded Massive Using It ,Thats The Mark Of A Great Drummer. Mind You The Whole Bands Great.

The R&B Fusion Collective Played a great show @ The Eastside Bar & Grill in London Ontario July 15th Friday evening .Everybody played great and had a good time.What a band and i don't mind bragging R&B Fusion Collective is a Fucking great band .Big up Lorne,Grace,Regis,Matthew plus myself for Locking this shit down.

Black swan burlington.jpg
black swan burlington 2.jpg
Black swan burlington 3.jpg

As usual R&B Fusion Collective performed another blinder of a gig  @ The Black Swan Kitchen Pub 4040 Pallidium Way Burlington last Friday. Oh and did i fail to mention the Outstanding Musicianship. Yes Big Up Lorne,Regis,Grace & Matthew
Oh ! and don't forget to mention myself. Superstars all of you .

r&b fusion 2023.jpg
market brewing company 2.jpg
market brewing company 4.jpg
market brewing company 3.jpg
R&B Collective played a killer show @ The Market Brewing Company Friday Evening in Newmarket what a crowd and what a band Lorne,Ryan,Grace & Colin Superstars all of you greatly appreciated .
R&B Fusion Collective Played a Decent set @ The Market Brewing Company in Newmarket June 2nd despite some early technical complications with the Guitarists Equipment .Still Rocked it out as a 4 Piece .Our next gig is in Kitchener June 17th for Neighbours Day.
R&B Fusion Collective Poster 2 2023.jpg
Gigging Schedule Dates:

Market Brewing Company, 17775 Leslie Street Unit # 4  Newmarket, On Feb 17th, 2023
Market Brewing Company, 17775 Leslie Street Unit # 4  Newmarket, On June 2nd, 2023


      Neighbours Day  Kitchener  On June 17th  2023
     7 Hett Avenue 1:00pm to 2:00pm Kitchener 
     1-60 Paulander Drive , Paulander Community Centre  4:00pm to 5:00pm

Check out this clip of an Interview i did some months back giving the band a Plug . Click on this link below.

Band Is Now Taking Bookings
Book R&B Fusion Collective As a 5-Piece Or 3-Piece Band. Contact: 2894409693
Or e-mail :


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